Being down wiv da kids innit : Minecraft

It’s been a long day and I was in need of some head space, so as LSH was playing taxi to my mother, I downloaded Minecraft for the iPad. I’d played it on the PC, but was finally tempted by the more flexible, play it on the sofa idea.

The kids I’m teaching are obsessed with the game and even beanpole has expressed an interest. But why?

…… An hour later and I’m standing back looking admiringly at my new treehouse which is fully equipped with leaf based stairs, bay window and now my very own sign.


This treehouse? It belongs to me. I built it. I balanced along walls as I constructed it risking life and pixel. I can totally see why people are getting addicted. This is the Sims for a new generation with added evil plant fun… And a sword.

The graphics are pants, the scenery is blocky, there’s no music. But I just need to build a quick extension to that bay window there before I go to bed….


One thought on “Being down wiv da kids innit : Minecraft

  1. LOL my kid plays that. Now I’m an avid gamer and have played since Atari but I just can’t get into Minecraft. I’m wierd like that:P


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