Frogs don’t fear The Reaper


So, the frog is off to have a look at another lilypad tomorrow and see if the natives are friendly and if they want the frog sharing their pad.

This is one of those pivotal moments in life. This could be big. If the frog jumps without fully assessing the lilypad, there could be an almighty splash and I could end up sitting back in the water eyeing up the passing newts. The current lilypad is sturdy and familiar. This is the unknown.

So here I am employing the tactic of stoicism. What is the worst possible outcome? I bomb, and I return to the old lilypad. And it’s not a bad place to return to. Look to the long term – either option has enormous redeeming features and ultimately, when faced with death, the frog can say they made a difference.

Why don’t frogs fear the reaper? Because they know he’s coming and have lived, rather than waiting to be a prince(ss). The frog has no regrets.



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