Making stuff

I made stuff today. I like making stuff.

And when I say stuff. This encompasses the many unfinished projects I have in bags and boxes around the house. For, you see, it isn’t the end product that’s the reason for making all this stuff, it’s the process.

I’ve been able to knit since age 5 when my great grandmother taught me. But I’ve only learnt to crochet in the past 12 months. So today, my two Grammy squares are an achievement (the knights helmet I wore in the snow was one of my first crochet finished projects).


So what’s the point of making a granny square? Not much really. You can make more to make bigger squares, maybe I’ll make some more and I’ll make that blanket I’ve been procrastinating about. Maybe.

Or maybe not. Maybe just he act of repeating a quiet, continuous cycle without interruption, or need for much thought was actually a way to quiet down the chatter in my head. My inner monologue can focus on what great things these squares could become whilst I just loop & hook, loop & hook, loop and hook…

Then there were two… Several hours of quietly knotting wool in a variety of ways and I have swirls of colour. Whether this becomes a blanket, a jumper or another unfinished idea, it did me good to focus on it for a while.



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