Thoughts on Advice, and eating puffins.


We all get advice and I’ve been getting a lot recently. I have news, but I have to wait a while before I can shout about it (no, I am most defiantly NOT pregnant. I just ate a lot of cake this term).

So it’s been about 15 years since I wrote a top ten of anything, but seeing as I’m feeling that way inclined, I’m going to share the top ten best and worst bits of advice I’ve had:


  1. frogs are way happier than princesses
  2. If you can’t change it, then worrying won’t help
  3. You should go out with LSH (from his then recently ex-girlfriend. She was right)
  4. no-one is ever ready for kids. Try to make sure you catch them on the first bounce.
  5. travel before you have kids.
  6. it’s far better to be happy, than thin. Thin is overrated.
  7. grammar is important. But don’t try to correct everyone on the Internet, they don’t appreciate people who know the difference between there, their and they’re. And apostrophe correction isn’t welcomed either.
  8. fish tanks in the bedroom are like tiny tanks of calm.
  9. Read the Red Tent.
  10. learn to code. It’ll be fun.


  1. learn to code. It’ll be fun.
  2. let them cry. They just want attention (well, yes. That’s why they’re crying)
  3. don’t breastfeeding she’ll lose weight. (Oh rly? Hand me the scales)
  4. breastfeeding will help you lose weight! (Only if I don’t have a mouthful of cake)
  5. do you really need a degree? (Yes. I did. I do. So nerrr :p)
  6. reading books just clutters the house. (With literature that is expanding my children’s minds!)
  7. eat puffin. It’s a delicacy (so, it turns out there’s a reason why only Icelandics eat puffin. It has something to do with the lack of any other food source and everything tasting of fish anyway)
  8. Eat “Festering Shark” (see above)
  9. be a grown up (overrated. Far fewer toys)
  10. have some more pink wine (I refer you to my post about the horrible hangover.)

And that’s it. My lists of the evening. What have I learnt from reflecting on all this? I’ve had a lot of advice, and on the whole it’s been generally good, but I’ve insisted on making my own mistakes and it took them to realise what was good and bad advice in the end. On the whole it took around 33 years to become comfortable in my own skin.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be that lists are cathartic. Oh and don’t eat the puffins.


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