There’s no business like snow business…

It seems my husband’s work trips are doomed. This time it’s been snow (again) and whilst he managed to dodge the weather entirely we didn’t (see Monumental Monday), which meant that today was a real and proper snow day.

Unlike the last one, I didn’t spend my snow day fretting about travel safety (he was already halfway across the country), although I will admit to having a couple of jitters about him getting home this evening. Anyone attempting a 5 hour journey by train in the UK that starts off at 6pm (that’s if there is no disruption) is probably pushing their luck a bit. With the current weather, I may be forgiven for a few jitters.

So, how was snow day?


Well, it started off quite unsurprisingly with most local schools being closed. Even my school was running on a hugely reduced number, and there was no way I was going to be able to make it in (my standard journey in is an hour). After the general whooping from the kids, I got a message from a friend to meet up at the local park to run the children like small snowy dogs.

I spent early morning running online lessons for the kids who couldn’t get onto school, and was thoroughly impressed by being on the front page of Scribblar! These went far better than I expected and I actually got them to work with me on logic gates 🙂


TinyPants was thoroughly impressed by the mega icicles and spent ages trying to work out how they were made. Our bay window did look rather impressive first thing this morning!


So off we went for snowball fights in the park.

And took pictures of ourselves wearing the bizarre hats I made for us all this winter.

And then home to spend the whole afternoon putting a puzzle together.


And you know what? We finished it too!

So now they’re all bathed and tucked up in bed (by 7.30pm!) and my immediate future holds a long, hot bath. All we need now is for LSH to arrive home safely, and preferably today.


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