Stand back! We’re Doing A Science!

Me “what shall we do for your birthday treat?”
TinyPants “science!”
Me “err ok…”

So we did. We packed a lunch and headed out to the InTech science centre a few hours away from our home.

I was never really into science as a child. It was all beakers and teachers in brown suits. Now, science is cool. Physics is awesome and chemistry is exciting. The girls hero worship Prof. Brian Cox and after today I can see why.


You can discover all sorts of stuff. Want to know how much energy it takes to run a radio or computer? Turn this handle.
Want to see a water cyclone? Spin this wheel.
Want to climb into a giant eyeball? This way please.
Want to shoot army men in parachutes up to the ceiling? Push this button.
Want to see Howard green screen works? Stand in front of this camera.
Ever wondered which bit of you is the hottest? Thermal cameras this way.
…. And on….

And then there was mind ball. Beanpole is the grand master of mind ball. (There’s this ball that you control by being totally relaxed and focused. This lowers your brain activity thereby moving the ball towards your opponent)
Beanpole started each challenge with normal activity, but as soon as she focused her levels dropped to near zero. I tried to beat her. I really did. I focused on my breathing, I was mindful. And she still kicked my arse mentally. That kid has the focusing ability of a Jedi master!
TinyPants does not. But she did make it her mission to press every button in the building, and I think by the end of the day she had succeeded.


I’m not sure I can actually list all the cool stuff we poked, prodded, twisted and turned, but going through the photos this evening made me smile. They had no clue that they were learning. This was fun stuff. To them, science is the fun bit, and today was proclaimed ‘best day ever’. I’m inclined to agree.

I was quite excited about the astrology show. And having booked tickets, we opted to swap them for an earlier show as the kids needed a rest. It was brilliant, and having re-read the later show description, I’m glad we didn’t have to have the discussion with the kids about how the single cells that we are made of find each other. (Far safer to have stuck with the discovery of alien life film!)

LSH made me smile today too. The “ideas hub” was at the centre of a large exhibit where you could pin up your ideas on what could be invented next. Except we left each other this:



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