Why seven puddings is vital on your birthday

Today was birthday #2 and this time I was there to enjoy it with them.

The plan fir fun today was to head down to the roller disco, meet some friends for the beginners session and let the girls try out the second improvers session which runs straight after (that’s two full on 45 min sessions with a 15 min break…). So, Beanpole and TinyPants take this in their stride zapping around with their friends. After 5 weeks of skating, these kids are getting some serious speed! LSH and I are getting back into the swing of it too.

By the second session, we were flagging a bit, but a game of stuck in the mud on wheels caught TinyPants and me and off we went (poor Beanpole and LSH were knackered 30mins in and sat this one out). Whizzing about playing tag and watching the other dads reclaim their youth in dusted off Bowers with 90s style socks spinning and cruising backwards (it was a little bit tragic in a rather impressive way).

Have I mentioned that my thighs are aching? In such a good way. I wish I could conduct my lessons on skates. I think health & safety guy might have something to say there.

So why so many puddings?

Well, it had been stipulated that no birthday is complete without a trip to the local Chinese buffet restaurant. This buffet includes a variety of puddings and after my teeny weeny TinyPants had consumed two mahoosive plates of noodles, chicken and tepenyaki (Beanpole had opted for tepenyaki then sushi), her mission had been to eat seven of these little puddings, one of which is a chocolate fountain.


Once she had gone green at he gills we asked her to rest for a bit (seriously, that face clearly says she’s had enough sugar!). What she didn’t realise was that we’d brought a birthday cake with us and they played happy birthday over the speaker system as they brought the cake over. Her reaction was perfect. She was mortified that we’d brought attention to her, but took it with grave and dignity (whilst shooting us evil looks far too grown up for her tiny years). TinyPants, you are seven. We have at least another 11 years of this, and I’m not going to get any less embarrassing. With another 11 years of practice I’m highly likely to arrive at your 18th birthday party in gold shiny hot pants, just to see that face again!

Love you TinyPants. Many cringey returns xx


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