#FiveMinuteFriday – Home

I have 5 minutes with no interruptions or edits. These are my words.


I wish I was at home today.
At home, my youngest baby was having her seventh birthday.
I was at work.
I left my home at 7am so I was not late for classes.
I left her at home with a loving family that over the course of a school term I feel more and more distant from.
At home presents were opened and sweets were packed into school bags.
At home she was cuddled by all her grandparents.
At home she was tucked into bed by her Daddy and settled down to sleep happily.
I came home at 10pm to sleeping children and a sleeping husband.

I missed my daughter’s birthday entirely for the second year running because of work commitments.
I won’t get these days back.
I am doing this for all the right reasons, but soon it will be too late and it won’t matter if I’m there on her birthday or not.

Home is where my family is, but more often than not over the past few months, it’s not where I am.




4 thoughts on “#FiveMinuteFriday – Home

  1. Home is certainly where our precious ones are! Happy birthday to your Little (I have 7-year-old twin sisters ~ such a fun age!). Hope you are have days ahead to enjoy this phase of her life. 🙂


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