Tranquility and Technology, an uneasy marriage

I was creating a Prezi for my sixth formers today on the Health & Safety Act and the implications for working with ICT (life doesn’t get more exciting than this!). My final slide was on stress and the precautions that can be taken to prevent or reduce it and I found myself giggling as I wrote it.

The following was written….


  • don’t take work home with you
  • switch off your email / phone when out of the office
  • limit your working hours to within the 48 hour EU directive

It appears teaching is bad for you. I do take the idea that emails at home make you more stressed, but I do feel that if its important enough for someone to email me late in the evening or at the weekend, then it’s probably important enough for me to respond, or at least read (My family would disagree). Perhaps that’s me being naive.


So can my quest to find tranquility work whilst I’m still surgically attached to my iPad? Is PowerPoint ruining my life? Well, I can generally tell how stressed I am by how vivid my dreams are and how linked they are to code. I swear some nights I actually dream in Java.

I baulked at a friend who was considering living without technology for a while. But maybe he had a point. If we are being constantly intruded upon by the very devices that we desire, how can we listen to the chatter that goes on inside our own head? I may be using my iPad to channel some of this chatter outward, but how much am I being distracted by the act of typing, or the TV in the background or the damn PowerPoint that is staring at me from the laptop demanding I finish it.

The path to inner peace may need more charging points at this rate.

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