Why websites make me angry

Hi my name is HippyGeek and I’m a code snob. It’s a problem I have. I see a website and I just can’t help but right click and view source.

This week I was asked to redevelop a website for a friend. I wanted to be nice about the current website. I really did. Except my inner arsehole wouldn’t be contained. They used tables for layout, they left the borders on and all the text was contained in pictures. They used clip art! I channelled Sheldon.

I have made it my mission to produce her a beautiful website. This job is for her, for me and in my tiny little self-absorbed head, for the good of the Internet.

Just for your entertainment, for reference, I’m a developer. I have that tshirt. It’s a 12 step program, but I got stuck in an infinite loop at step 2 when I found out someone was wrong online.



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