When hippy herbal remedies turns into give me ALL the drugs!

…and I’m not talking childbirth.

I’ve been no poo for three weeks now (no SHAMpoo that is) and coping, having given up shampoo for lent. This had led to considering a number of alternatives for other things… Could I make my own deodorant? Would life rally be that bad without meat? Can I meditate myself sane? (Probably not if we’re honest he).

And then today happened. Today was my tipping point towards “show me the science!”. Today was not a day for hippy herbs, today required drugs. Unless it came in a blister packet with take one three times per day, I wasn’t interested. For I fell foul of the one thing that will floor every woman on the planet at one time or another. The He Who Shall Not Be Named of the lady parts. But I’m naming it. And online of all places.

In short I got that cystitis twinge mid-morning that meant by early afternoon I was popping out of my classroom to “print things” every 20 minutes to pee blood which felt like it contained glass shards. Of all times to get this, the day I teach every single period right up to 6pm is not it! After weeks of being very into the whole try the herbal remedy thing, I threw everything out of the window. I wanted sachets of powder and antibiotics NOW! And a bath in dettol.

I don’t even feel bad about it. I got home (eventually) and started the antibiotics which made me feel sick and groggy, but that’s a small price to pay for restoring my kidneys to their usual functioning selves.

At least I didn’t wash my hair?


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