Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

Alright, I’m two days late for this and I have to write this in five minutes….

What did my mum do that made her my mum?


She worked. She worked so hard from the minute I was born until, well, now. When I was a toddler she went back to college to re-take her A levels and then got a part time job working in finance at the local college. Then as I went through school she studied even more and became a qualified accountant, but it didn’t stop there. While I stropped my way through high school, she studied for a business degree and gained a first. Since then, she has run her own department in the same college that she joined as a junior when I was four (I’m 33 now) and has consistently shown me through her actions that Success only comes before Work in the dictionary.

I’m proud of my mum. She gave me my work ethic and drive to achieve my goals.

I’m also proud of myself for not inheriting some of her OCD tendencies around the house which means that my kids are allowed to get dirty because ultimately they’re washable. I could probably do with a bit more of the ‘house proud’ gene. I’m not as sensible as my mum, I’m not as successful, but I’m me and I’m me partially due to her example. So, thanks mum. Keep up the good work.

Five Minute Friday

One thought on “Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

  1. Your mom is an inspiration and a great role model! I think you may have posted my favorite new saying: “Success only comes before Work in the dictionary.”
    Angela (from Five Minute Friday)


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