Sometimes as a parent you have to say WTH?!

I have to say, we are having a brilliant half term. The kids haven’t bankrupted me yet and we’ve finally spent some time outside (first time in months that it hasn’t been constant drizzle, rain or snow… Ok I enjoyed the snow).

So this morning, we took a picnic and went to the WWT for some duck time. This is a bit of a favorite during the holidays for us. We know our way around there like we know our own home since we got membership and can visit as often as we like. It’s a lovely place and we ate our lunch on a picnic bench listening to various quacks and pointing out the buzzards gliding over the hills. If it sounds idyllic, it’s because it was. I wasn’t mum trying to get them to do things or keep up an image, I was there with my kids, enjoying their company and the weird conversations. The only time the phone came out was to take a photo of us. This did all of us so much good – it is very rare that we can just ‘be’ and it reminded me how much I really miss them being at work during term time. (I must remind myself to win the lottery so we can pay off the house and I can homeschool)

Then we drove off to the beach to meet up with friends at the brilliant play park the council has built as part of the seafront (total kudos to them for providing such a nice space). We certainly weren’t alone with this idea – it was packed! The kids raced around like maniacs for a while then played various games until they needed some quiet time and my eldest decided to make sand castles. After having her castle kicked over for the third time, she got quite grumpy and started to make something else… A little more sinister….


I love you darling daughter, but sometimes you really scare me.


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