An egg and a hairbrush (walked into a bar?)

I added a few extra things to my no shampoo journey last night. If I’m honest, it was out of desperation – I had a head full of oil (seriously, day 7 of no poo and Americans would have declared war to get to my scalp) and we’d just been swimming so I’d combined head slick with chlorine. I had started to resemble Wurzel Gummage only a week into my experiment. This was mightily depressing.

I wasn’t quite ready to give in, so I tried an egg wash which had been mentioned on other blogs. Basically, I took an egg in with me while I had a warm bath, cracked it into a bowl whisked it with my fingers then rubbed it all over my scalp whilst my hair was dry (raw egg is grim, but actually once it was on my head it felt good). I’ll admit to having a moment of looking at myself rubbing raw egg into my head and thinking I’d finally lost it. Perhaps I have, I’m not sure normal people find themselves in the bath massaging chicken ovums into their noggins. But here I was.

Making sure I rinsed out the egg wash, I rinsed my hair with a couple of cups of apple cider vinegar in water (about 10ml per cup of water) then gave it a quick rinse. There are lots of stories online about women scrambling eggs on their head by using water that was too hot, but I appeared to escape that (seriously, how hot must their shower water be?!).

And the verdict? My hair is soft and my scalp is clean! Shampoo clean? I’m not sure. It’s more moisturized than shampooed hair, but then I wanted that.

Feeling more confident, I also went on the hunt for a bristle hair brush. This is the secret weapon for long haired Victorian women who washed their hair once per month. The bristle brush removes dirt, skin and dust from the hair whilst also pulling the oil down from the scalp through to the ends of the hair where it works like a leave in conditioner (rather than making it lank and yuk, it make we it moisturized and thick). There was one issue with this. No bugger sells them! I’ve found some beautiful brushes online which will be making it to the Christmas list, but fair now I’ve created another dirty secret – my brilliant new wooden handled bristle hair brush was originally designed for…. A dog. Before you laugh, it does the job. Tonight I spent a good 30 mins with a daughter laying across me having her hair brushed and enjoying every second (normally I have to chase her down to pull a brush through her tangled tomboy locks) and off she went to bed with some very silky hair. The same goes for my own mop – a few minutes of grooming with the “soft strokey brush” and I have some really shiny soft tresses. Static, but soft. I can live with that.

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