A whole week without poo.

So, last weekend I was mulling over things to give up for Lent. What could actually be difficult to live without (my iPad was a step too far) and would have a lasting impact on me as a person?

Well, anyone who has met me within 24 hours after visiting a hairdresser will know I’m precious about my locks (woe betide those who cut it too short, and as for those scissor wielding maniacs who smile and nod when I show them a Betty Page fringe, the just hack in a straight line….). I digress.

The idea of 40 days without putting any horrid chemicals on my hair can only be good for me. As my hair has grown longer (we are now at the below boobs long stage) for us in the UK, that’s actually bicarbonate of soda, not baking powder as that has other stuff in it.

The idea is:
Shampoo with a mixture of a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a 200ml empty shampoo bottle filled with water (with my mega thick long hair, this works for two washes)

Condition with a cup of water with a teaspoon of ACV in it over the roots, then some neat ACV on the ends because they are DRY.

All the websites mentioned a transition period where your hair gets mega greasy because you’ve stopped stripping the oils from your head. Well, I’m a week in and I’m inclined to agree! It’s not like I’m walking around with the ability to fry things on my scalp, but it’s just more noticeable. One thing that has happened though is the ends are better. By better I mean less dry. And I haven’t looked like a fraggle all week – it’s just not frizzy.

One thing I have read this week is that in the days of women with mega-long hair but no shampoo the way that women kept their hair soft and conditioned was to use a boar’s hair brush to brush their hair through every day (remember the Victorian thing about 100 brushes a day?) – they did this to remove any dust from the hair and to bring the natural oils from your scalp all the way the ends. That’s not as gross as it sounds. The oils from your scalp are just a natural version of conditioner and built for that purpose.

So this weekend I’m going to give the bristle brush a go and start of week two of being an unwashed hippy.


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